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© 2017 by Paradise Community Living

America’s veterans have done everything asked of them in their mission to serve our country and it is our mission to build the support and organizational capacity that will provide quality care for Veterans who wish to travel as part of health tourism or decide to reside outside the United States, in an environment conducive to a healthy and peaceful lifestyle.  It is our goal is to offer a network of hospitals and medical professionals for U.S. Military Retirees, Active Duty Members, and Disabled Veterans with Service Connected disabilities, along with eligible family members who travel to one of our homesite countries. All medical professionals and hospitals within the PCL Health Care Network have the highest reputation and are committed to the individual care of Veterans. 











We believe the best way to honor the sacrifice each Veteran has given is by providing care, respect and dignity as a way of life for each Veteran.  That’s why Paradise Community Living is the premier program in the industry. We truly have become the leading pioneers in the health tourism industry when it comes to increasing quality of life for Veterans living or visiting abroad.  Our “Military Medical Program” concept combines the best daily life care, medical treatment and therapy in an environment rich with nature’s best. We offer the very best medical care for U.S. Military Retirees, Active Duty Members, and Veterans with Service Connected disabilities, along with their eligible family members. 


Veterans who suffer from a range of service connected disabilities, such as Tinnitus, Hearing Loss, PTSD, Depression, Cervical Strain, Neurological disorders, Diabetes, Arthritis, Pain management, and much more, can now receive the same quality care they receive at home, while living or visiting one of our Homesites countries abroad.

Our Home sites are located in countries with a stable government and a growing economy. White-sand beaches, swaying palm trees, warm turquoise water, year-round sunshine, fresh food, low cost of living and clean air make staying at one of our Home care sites during their medical tour the perfect environment for managing or improving your disability.  Our staff understands the unique needs of veterans and are prepared to meet the specific challenges that veterans and their families may face when managing a mental or physical disability.  Patients can schedule same-day appointments with a highly skilled specialist without having to see a general practitioner first. In addition to providing rapid service, PCL Health Care Network has mobile medical teams that travel to the Veteran living or visiting at one of the PCL Homesites.  Our network of medical professionals prides itself on giving excellent customer care and adapting to meet any special needs a patient may have, such as delivering medications to patients’ Homesite.

We have embraced our mission to serve America’s veterans. It’s our way of saying thank you for the sacrifices they have made in serving us.