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     Paradise Community Living (PCL) Health Care is the Premier international medical tour agency made up of accredited international hospitals, healthcare providers, health tourism facilitators, insurance companies, and other affiliated companies and members with the common goal of providing the highest level of quality of healthcare to patients in an international environment.

Dedicated to providing affordable pricing of health tourism, rehabilitation and wellness services, with the warm hospitality and compassion that our Paradise Island Home Sites are known for, high standards of healthcare provided in internationally-accredited hospitals by well-educated and English-speaking healthcare professionals. Our home country sites proximity to major international hubs and its tropical climate are also a boon to medical travelers and health tourism, encouraging healing and relaxation after medical, rehab or wellness procedures. At Paradise Community Living, you can chose between our home sites located on the Paradise Island of the Dominican Republic or our sites located on Cebu Island in the Philippines. Its your choice!


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Better Care Starts with You!


“I receive less than $1,000 dollars per month in VA Benefits.  In my City in the U.S, I can barely pay the rent.  Since I moved to one of the Paradise Community Living Sites, My benefits cover housing, food, and medical treatments/care for my service connected illnesses, all for the same $1,000 dollars per month.  A healthy quality of life on a Island that most people only dream about”


Robert F.


“I' live on a limited budget through Social Security each month. In the U.S., I struggled to stretch my dollars to the end of the month, sometimes I have to chose between eating and paying the rent.  A friend invited me to visit for a few days with her at a Paradise Community Living Site in the Caribbean. A few days led to my relocation to my own Paradise living site. My food, housing and physical therapy are all included in my monthly Social Security budget.  In addition, I now get superior Dental care that was financially unavailable to me in the U.S. Best of all, I live in the Caribbean.”  


Arthur M.

“I have physical impairments and I require help with daily activities such as bathing and dressing. I also need assistance with managing task around the house. My kids are grown and have their own families so I don't get to see them much. I always dreamed of visiting the another country, but thought my physical impairments and illness would make it impossible. Now I live at a Paradise Community Living site abroad. My home site includes a Caretaker/Companion, meals and medical care.  This has been a dream come true. Oh, by the way, my kids all of a sudden, have time to visit. Amazing!


Betty T.


“I'm a Disabled Veteran, however, I was unaware of the process to undertake in order to obtain the benefits from the VA. The Benefits coordinator at Paradise Community Living arranged for me to be interviewed by a Veteran Service Organization, that assisted me to increase my benefits percentages. I now get more disability funds and services from the VA and I'm able to receive my medical care and therapy right at my Paradise Community Living home. Every Veteran who wants and deserves to live a higher quality of life should stay at a Paradise Community Living home site.


Ralph C.